Verify that the building’s energy related systems are installed, calibrated, and perform according to the owner’s project requirements, basis of design  and construction documents.

Designate an individual as the Commissioning Authority (CxA) to lead, review, and oversee the completion of the commissioning process activities.

The Construction Phase Commissioning Plan will include the Commissioning Team and updated construction information obtained from review of Construction Documents, review of submittal data and controls submittals per commissioning scope, data from specific equipment being installed, complete controls sequences of operation, change order work to date, and any approved as-built modifications.  BCC will provide submittal reviews for applicable systems to be commissioned for consideration and action by the Design Team and Owner Representatives.  Design and submittal review documents will not be included in the Construction Phase Commissioning Plan document placed onsite for contractor execution of the SVC’s, but these submittal reviews will be contained in the Commissioning Report delivered to the Owner during the Post-Acceptance Phase of the project.

The Commissioning Authority observes installation progress frequently to assess construction compliance with the OPR, specification requirements, and prevailing industry standards. The CxA conducts commissioning meetings in conjunction with regular progress meetings to discuss upcoming commissioning milestones, start-ups, resolution tracking form issues, and tests required for the project. A consistent onsite CxA/CxT presence during construction provides owners, contractors and designers an additional avenue for communicating design intent concerns.

BCC will review the Request for Qualification documents and immediately upon notification to proceed with commissioning to verify and formalize the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) document and to work with Design Professionals (DP) to implement the Basis of Design (BoD).  BCC will create design review comments during the appropriate phases of the project for the design team’s consideration.  BCC will draft the commissioning specifications to be contained in the bid documents and hold a commissioning specification review meeting with the Owner Representative and Design Team.  BCC will also create a pre-design phase commissioning outline and a design phase commissioning plan outlining the systems to be commissioned and the responsibilities of the respective members in the Commissioning Team.

BCC will conduct a back check of the design documents commissioning design review comments to the construction documents for conformance with OPR, BoD and commissioning provisions. Once the contract documents for construction team have been issued, pre-construction meeting is held and submittal reviews are underway, BCC will provide updates to the Construction Phase Commissioning Plan which shall serve to define and guide the activities of the Commissioning Team members through the commissioning process.

Is professionally operated and staffed such that our backlog of work can be performed without interruption of services to our clients, whose interest and perceptions are paramount to the success of our business.  From our inception in 2010, BCC has aggressively pursued market transformation and commissioning process development and implementation on the local and international level. BCC has over 80 projects of combined experience in commissioning facilities.   Our BCC technical teams have fostered cohesively over the years allows in developing a very efficient process, which translates to a better return on the Owner’s investment.

BCC works to form and facilitate a multi-disciplinary commissioning team as our standard approach to successful delivery of independent commissioning services.  Combining the assets available from prime contractors, designers, and owners, and augmenting their expertise alongside our experienced certified commissioning professionals provides a solid foundation for effective commissioning execution.  The Commissioning Authority will operate within the performance guidelines set out in the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and incorporated into the Basis of Design (BoD) documents.  These two documents shall be continually revisited to ensure the project's construction and the Building Systems Commissioning adheres to the OPR and BoD.

BCC maintains a strong commitment to education and instruction as a cornerstone to the success of our organization. BCC Management, Inc. utilizes ACG certified commissioning authorities (CxA’s) to execute the commissioning process on our projects.

Utilizing the Building Systems Commissioning Approach, BCC provides complete Electrical Commissioning Services including extensive experience in the following systems:
  Lighting Systems:
     *Networked Lighting Controls
     *Dimming Systems
     *Emergency/ Egress Lighting

  Power Systems:
     *Electrical Power Distribution/ Transformers
     *Uninterruptible Power Supplies
     *Emergency/ Standby Power Generation Systems
     *Automatic Transfer Switches
     *Photovoltaic Systems
     *Facility Power Loss and Recovery Testing

  Low-Voltage Systems:
     *Classroom Audio/ Video System Technologies
     *Data and Network Cabling
     *Clock Systems
     *Fire Alarm and Mass Notification Systems

  Security Systems:
     *Intrusion Detection Systems
     *Personnel Duress “Man-Down” Systems
     *Access Control
     *Digital Video Management Systems

  Security Systems:
     *Intrusion Detection Systems
     *Personnel Duress “Man-Down” Systems
     *Access Control
     *Digital Video Management Systems