BCC will review the Request for Qualification documents and immediately upon notification to proceed with commissioning to verify and formalize the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) document and to work with Design Professionals (DP) to implement the Basis of Design (BoD).  BCC will create design review comments during the appropriate phases of the project for the design team’s consideration.  BCC will draft the commissioning specifications to be contained in the bid documents and hold a commissioning specification review meeting with the Owner Representative and Design Team.  BCC will also create a pre-design phase commissioning outline and a design phase commissioning plan outlining the systems to be commissioned and the responsibilities of the respective members in the Commissioning Team.

BCC will conduct a back check of the design documents commissioning design review comments to the construction documents for conformance with OPR, BoD and commissioning provisions. Once the contract documents for construction team have been issued, pre-construction meeting is held and submittal reviews are underway, BCC will provide updates to the Construction Phase Commissioning Plan which shall serve to define and guide the activities of the Commissioning Team members through the commissioning process.